25 July 2018

On Duty Nurses – Meal and Rest Period Violations

On Duty Nurses – Meal and Rest Period Violations


Date: July 25, 2018

Case: California Superior Court

Client: Nurses and Hospital Employees

Employer: Confidential

Settlement: $1,650,000.00

Legal Theory: On Duty Meal and Rest Periods


The wage and hour class action attorneys at the JCL Law Firm obtained final approval for a $1.65 million dollar class action settlement on behalf of California healthcare employees. The California based employer required its non-exempt healthcare employees to carry cordless communications devices and to promptly respond to calls on those devices throughout their entire work shift – including during meal and rest periods. The healthcare employees argued that the policy deprived them of “duty free” meal and rest periods in violation of applicable California labor laws. The matter settled at private mediation following nearly 2 years of litigation. Call the California employment lawyers at the JCL Law Firm if you believe your employer keeps you on duty during your meal and rest periods for a free consultation.