Fighting For Your Rights As An Employee

If you work in California, you are entitled to some of the most protective employment laws in the country. Federal labor laws provide a set of standards by which nearly all American companies must abide, but our state provides additional protection for workers in many areas.

At JCL Law Firm, APC, our founding attorney, Jean-Claude Lapuyade, is passionate about fighting for appropriate treatment for all employees. He understands how employers can use a worker’s ignorance of their rights to take advantage of them or fire them for inappropriate reasons. Our firm conducts intensive investigations into your claim to determine if you deserve compensation for the lost income or other damages to which you may be entitled. Our work for you is well-planned, so it is cost effective. Additionally, we take employment law cases on a contingency fee basis, so you do not pay legal fees to us up front. You owe us nothing unless we recover compensation for you.

How Do I Know If I Have A Case?

Our lead attorney has recovered millions of dollars in back pay and employer penalties for clients with labor law claims. Some of the more common case types that our office handles include:

There are many other federal or state employment laws that could apply to your case. JCL Law Firm can examine the facts of your conflict with your employer and advise you on the next steps you should take.

You Do Not Have To Tolerate Unlawful Treatment On The Job

Take advantage of your rights as a California worker by hiring an experienced and successful employment lawyer. We work with clients throughout San Diego County from our office in the Old Town section of San Diego. Call 619-826-6975 or email us to set up an appointment.