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Last updated on August 26, 2020

You put in hours of hard work every week to earn an income, only to have your employer unlawfully withhold your wages. If this is happening to you, you would benefit from the assistance of a labor law attorney who can help you recover your unpaid wages.

At JCL Law Firm, APC, we stand up for the rights of California employees across numerous industries. In our more than a decade in practice, we have recovered more than $40 million in compensation for our clients. We can help you seek your back pay – and then some.

What To Know About Wage And Hour Claims

The failure of an employer to pay full wages is just one example of an unpaid wage case. There are several other forms of wage and hour law violations. These include:

  • Paying workers less than minimum wage
  • Paying the incorrect rate of compensation for overtime hours
  • Refusing to pay for off-the-clock work
  • Misreporting, underreporting or failing to pay for all work hours
  • Refusing to pay for overtime hours
  • Refusing to pay earned commissions or bonuses
  • Withholding or illegally pooling tips
  • Failing to pay salespersons for non-sales activities
  • Failing to pay piece-rate workers for non-productive time
  • Failure to pay reporting time wages
  • Failing to pay premium wages for missed meal and rest breaks

JCL Law Firm, APC, has handled the above cases and many more labor law matters. Not sure whether you have a claim? Contact us and we can evaluate your case for free.

Your Employer Must Pay You – Even For Vacation Time

If your employer has told you that they will not pay you during your vacation, they are violating both state and federal laws. Paid vacation time is just that: paid vacation time. You have the right to your regular salary or hourly wage during vacation hours, and we can help you get it.

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