07 February 2018

Miscalculated Overtime, Missed Meal and Rest Periods for Call Center Employees

Case: Los Angeles County Superior Court

Clients: Call Center Employees

Defendants: Confidential

Settlement: $125,000

Legal Theory: Miscalculated Overtime, Missed Meal and Rest Periods

Year: 2018


February 7, 2018, the JCL Law Firm obtained final approval of a class action settlement on behalf of approximately 125 call center employees from the Superior Court for the County of Los Angeles. The JCL Law Firm settled the wage and hour class action on behalf of a class of approximately 125 call center employees. The JCL Law firm filed the class action complaint in the Los Angeles Superior Court alleging that the employer underpaid its call center employees by improperly calculating their overtime rate and wrongfully denied the employees legally mandated meal and rest periods. After a little less than 1 year of litigation, the JCL Law Firm successfully reached a $125,000 settlement on behalf of the call center employees. Call the wage and hour attorneys at the JCL Law Firm for a free consultation if you believe your employer has misclassified you as an independent contractor, has unlawfully denied you minimum wage, overtime compensation or, legally mandated meal or rest periods. Toll Free 1-888-498-6999.