When do employees have 2802 claims for expenses?

Many people in California incur costs as part of their job. This could be expenses related to travel, buying certain necessities or other expenses. People may also have various losses of their personal property as part of their job. However, just because people incur these various expenses, it should not be a permanent loss for the employee.

Employers need to reimburse their employees for these expenses and losses. There are times when employers do not do this. If employees are not reimbursed, it can take away from the income that they are earning. It is also illegal for employers to refuse to reimburse their employees for their necessary expenses.

Basics of a 2802 claim

Necessary expenses and losses include all expenses and losses the employee incurs while performing the duties of their job. It can even include expenses they incur as a result of the employer’s illegal actions, as long as the employee did not believe that the actions were illegal at the time they were discharging their job duties.

If employees are forced to initiate a 2802 claim against the employer for reimbursement of necessary expenses and losses, the employer may have to pay an employee’s attorney’s fees and costs associated with bringing the claim. The employers will also need to pay interest on the unreimbursed expenses and losses of the employee. The employer may also receive a citation for violating the law.

Employees in California often need to do what their employer asks of them in order to keep their jobs. This can include needing to pay for various expenses out of their own pocket. However, this is not supposed to take income away from the employees and employers are legally obligated to reimburse their employees for all expenses and losses they incur while performing jobs tasks. Experienced attorneys understand what employers need to pay their employees and may be able to ensure that employees receive what they deserve.