The various causes of wage and hour disputes

It probably seems strange to some people that employees would ever have disputes with their employers about the amount of their paychecks. After all, you know what you earn per hour, or what your salary is, right? Well, unfortunately, wage and hour disputes are quite common. And there are various causes for these issues.

For example, some employers will try to get away with paying employees less than minimum wage. Others fail to calculate the number of overtime hours their employees work. Still others may miss bonus schedules or earned commissions. Of course, these are just a few examples – there are, potentially, many others, depending on the employment relationship between the employee and employer, and other factors.

If you think you might not be receiving the compensation you were supposed to earn from your employer, you may have a valid wage and hour claim to explore. The power dynamic between employers and employees has probably always seemed slanted in favor of the employer to most of our readers, and rightly so – that does seem to be the way things have worked for decades now. However, employees should remember that they are not without potential options.

Pressing your claim

At our law firm, we have seen all kinds of different reasons for wage and hour disputes between employees and employers. We don’t like to see employees being taken advantage of by employers – employers must be held accountable. The labor laws in our state matter and employers should comply with those laws. For more information about how we attempt to help workers in California who are going through these issues, please visit the wage and hour dispute overview section of our law firm’s website.