Failed Waterproofing

Development: San Elijo Hills
Clients: Owners of 11single-family homes
Location: San Marcos, California
Settlement: $100,000.00
Year: 2014

The JCL Law Firm reached a favorable settlement with a national homebuilder on behalf of eleven single-family homeowners. The parties reached the settlement in this construction defect action during the second mediation.


  • Expansive Soils 12/20/2010
  • Improper Compacted Soil 9/20/2012
  • Podium Deck Leaks and Subterranean Garage Leaks 10/6/2017
  • Leaking Windows 12/30/2009
  • Inadequate Common Area Drainage 7/20/2012
  • Exterior Siding Waterproofing Failure 3/3/2017