$10,800 Settlement

Case: Sogge v. Denise Trudeau
Court: San Diego County Court Case No. 37-2012-00000386
Client: Steven Sogge
Trial Verdict: $10,814.46
Legal Theory: Wrongful Withholding of Rent Deposit
Year: 2012

Mr. Lapuyade successfully tried this small-claims appeal pro-bono. Mr. Sogge’s landlord, Ms. Denise Trudeau wrongfully refused to return Mr. Sogge’s rental deposit after he vacated the leased premises. Ms. Trudeau appealed a $4,500.00 small claims judgment against her. During the trial de-novo on appeal, Mr. Lapuyade demonstrated that Ms. Trudeau wrongfully withheld the Mr. Sogge’s rental deposit and claimed an additional $6,000.00 in statutory punitive damages. The trial court agreed and entered judgment against Ms. Trudeau in the amount of $10,814.46.


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