$120,000 Settlement

CaseKahala Franchise Corp. v. B&P Corporation et al. 
Client: Kahala Franchise Corp.
Legal Theory: Breach of Franchise Agreement and Trademark Infringement
Settlement: $120,000.00
Year: 2007

Kahala Franchising Corp. brought this action upon discovering one of its franchisees sold its franchise location in violation of its franchise agreement.  The new owner operated the store under a similar name, comparable menu and nearly identical trade dress.  After bringing this action to enforce the terms of its franchise agreement and to stop the unauthorized infringement upon its trademark and dress, attorney Lapuyade negotiated a $120,000.00 settlement and an agreement to cease business operations within 120 days of filing the complaint.*


*Denotes cases not necessarily belonging to the JCL Law Firm but were cases in which the attorney Lapuyade had a substantial case responsibility on behalf of the identified client, and/or substantially contributed to the above referenced settlements.  


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