Women have the right to pump breast milk in the workplace

When a woman in California has a baby, she may choose to breastfeed her child. If you are breastfeeding and must return to work before your child is weaned, it is likely that you will need to pump breast milk during the day so your milk supply keeps up with your child’s nutritional needs. California law recognizes this need and has provisions regarding lactation accommodation in the workplace.

Labor Code Section 1030

Under Labor Code Section 1030, all employers in California must give a breastfeeding mother a reasonable amount of break time to pump breast milk for her baby as often as needed. Break time for pumping breast milk must run concurrently with other break times provided by the employer.

If your employer does not provide lactation accommodations, they may have to pay you one hour’s worth of pay for each violation. Also, if your employer does not provide lactation accommodations and you file a report with the Bureau of Field Enforcement, the BOFE may investigate the situation and fine your employer $100 for each day you were denied lactation accommodations.

Where can you pump breast milk?

You need a clean, private place to pump breast milk. Your employer is required to set aside a room other than a bathroom, where you cannot be seen or intruded upon, to pump breast milk. The lactation room must be safe, clean and have no hazardous materials stored in it. If you have an office or another place where you normally work that meets the above requirements for a lactation room, you may be asked to pump there.

Breastfeeding is a right

As a mother, you have the right to breabreastfeedr infant if you choose. California law provides accommodations for pumping breast milk in the workplace. If your employer is not providing lactation accommodations, you can hold them responsible.