What should you know about wrongful termination?

We all like to feel secure in our employment. But, the reality is that each year in California and throughout the country many people are terminated from employment – whether they know it’s coming or not. Of course, in most states and in most situations, employees are “at will” employees, which means they can be fired for almost any reason. However, the circumstances of some firings just aren’t right. So, what should you know about wrongful termination?

Well, for starters, a few examples of situations in which a termination might be “wrongful” would probably be helpful. One example is of an employee who is not “at will” but is, rather, employed under the terms of a contract. If such an employee is terminated from employment in breach of the terms of the employment contract, that may result in a valid wrongful termination claim. Or, another example is when an employee – at will or not – is fired in a discriminatory situation. Yes, workplace discrimination still exists in California and throughout the country. Racial discrimination, gender discrimination, age discrimination – they situations and more could result in a valid wrongful termination claim.

When wrongfully terminated employees pursue these types of claims, they are typically seeking lost wages or even damages for emotional distress, among other potential damages. Each case is unique, so the damages sought in any given case will be different.

Do you have a claim?

If you think you might have a valid wrongful termination claim, it can help to get more information. At our law firm, we do our best to help our clients get the information they need to make sound decisions. For more information, please visit the wrongful termination overview section of our law firm’s website.