$25,000 Settlement

Case: None filed
Client: Jose Gomez
Employer: Confidential
Settlement: $25,000.00
Legal Theory: Unlawful Termination
Year: 2012

Mr. Lapuyade obtained this $25,000.00 pre-litigation settlement only a few weeks after serving an initial demand letter. The client incurred zero court cost and quickly found new employment.


  • Meal and Rest Period Violations for Retail Employees 1/11/2018
  • Misclassified Nurse 12/21/2014
  • Miscalculated Overtime Compensation for Call Center Employees 12/30/2014
  • Breach of Contract Regarding Unpaid Management Fees 12/21/2008
  • On Duty Nurses – Meal and Rest Period Violations 7/25/2018
  • Breach of Lease 12/21/2012