Defective Hot Water Pump

Development: Confidential
Clients: Five single-family homeowners
Developer: Confidential
Location: City of Oceanside, San Diego County
Settlement: $50,000.00
Year: 2010

In this construction defect action limited solely to a defective hot water pump and nothing else, attorney Lapuyade successfully negotiated a $10,000.00 per home settlement within forty-five days of filing the complaint.


  • Leaking Roofs and Showers 12/21/2008
  • Cracked Floor Tiles and Leaking Windows 12/21/2014
  • Improper Siding Installation 5/22/2013
  • Poorly Compacted Soil 12/20/2011
  • Improper Compacted Soil 9/20/2012
  • Leaking Windows and Roofs 12/21/2009