Labor & Employment Law

Are salespeople entitled to rest periods?

Working as a salesperson isn’t always an easy job. When you work on commission, you often have to hustle to keep commissions coming in for a steady salary. You may have sales calls booked up back to back or find a steady stream of potential customers you need to...

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What should I be paid for overtime?

When it comes to labor laws, California is one of the most employee-friendly states. That certainly applies for employees qualifying for overtime. In California, any nonexempt employee over age 18 qualifies for overtime after working more than eight hours in one day...

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Off the Clock Work

Case: San Diego Superior Court

Client: Hourly Hotel Employee – Banquets Department

Employer: Confidential

Settlement: $510,000

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Misclassified Independent Contractors

Case: Los Angeles Superior Court

Client: Misclassified Personal Shoppers

Employer: Confidential

Settlement: $2,000,000

Legal Theory: Misclassified Independent Contractors

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Meal and Rest Period Violations

Case: San Diego Superior Court Case

Client: Southern California Based Respiratory Therapist

Employer: Southern California Hospital

Settlement: $700,000.00

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