11 January 2018

Meal and Rest Period Violations for Retail Employees

Case: San Bernardino Superior Court

Client: Retail Sales Employees

Defendants: Confidential

Settlement: $1,800,000

Legal Theory: Meal and Rest Period Violations

January 11, 2017, the JCL Law Firm obtained final class action settlement approval from the San Bernardino Superior Court for a $1.8 million settlement on behalf of more than 1,000 retail sales employees. The JCL Law firm filed the class action complaint in the San Bernardino Superior Court alleging that the employer, an international brand retailer, unlawfully required its sales employees remain “on-duty” during meal and rest periods through the use of “on-duty” meal period agreements. The employees worked in shopping malls for the international brand retailer and should have been provided with duty fee meal and rest periods.  After a little more than 1 year of litigation, the JCL Law Firm successfully reached a $1,800,000 settlement on behalf of the retail employees. Call the San Diego wage and hour attorneys at the JCL Law Firm for a free consultation if you believe your employer has unlawfully denied you legally mandated, duty free meal or rest periods. Toll Free 1-888-498-6999.